project report - • Economics o GDPs o Industries Oil...

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Avishkumar Patel BMGT 301 Detail Status Report for the final project presentation of Norway Presentation will starts from Norway’s geographical detailing. o Climate o Land area o Coastal areas o Location o Neighboring Countries History of Norway. o Religion followed by local people. o Pass historical incidents People of Norway. o Population o Age ratio o Birth rate o Death rate o Life Expectancy o Gender portion ratio o Language use o Literacy Government and Politics o Governmental type o Capital city o Administrative Division
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o Political Structure o Rules and regulating System o Political parties and leaders o Political Pressures o International organization participation
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Unformatted text preview: • Economics o GDPs o Industries Oil Production and Usage Natural gas production and Usage Food production Chemical, metal, fishing, textile, o Labor Force o Unemployment o Income and expenditure o Debt o Inflation Rate o Prime Interest Rate o Currency Exchange Rate o Export and Import • Transportation o Airport o Roadways o Railways o Waterways o Ports and terminals o Heliports • Transnational issues • Military o Military types o Quantity of military. Conclusion includes what type of business can be done in Norway and how that business can be successful....
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project report - • Economics o GDPs o Industries Oil...

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