HP - information was taken of employees and directors, like...

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Avish Patel Prof, R. Powell 21 February 2010 Plugging leaks at H.P. This is a very straight forward article. In the beginning the article criticizes Hewlett-Packard for proclaiming high protection for privacy. But I think the criticism made was unfair because if there is a leak of important confidential information by any employee which could harm the company, then the company should be given right to investigated and find out the leaker in any circumstances. And it should not be considered as not maintaining the privacy protection. I think the statement given by CEO Mark Hurd in the end was inappropriate for the company’s future security. Because he said not to used such kind of investigating techniques again in future, which could encourage employee to leak information again in future by making employee to think that company is never going to traces him by not using inappropriate investigations. If I would be at his place, I would never consider the investigating methods used by H.P. as “inappropriate”. Because article says whatever
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Unformatted text preview: information was taken of employees and directors, like their phone call history, etc, was used only for the investigation purpose of the confidential leaks. It was not used for any other interest or shared with any other person. If the employee is leaking the important confidential information of company to the press then company has a right to find out the leaker by holding any kind of investigation, because the company is paying to employee not only for working with them but also for keeping loyalty towards the company. Otherwise company might never be able reach to the leaker by making investigation with certain limits. On the other hand article also says that the identified leaker George A. Keyworth said that I would have told you all about this. Why didnt you just ask? But it might be possible that Mr. Keyworth has said all that to save himself from guilty. Otherwise he could have told all those things when the investigation was in process....
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HP - information was taken of employees and directors, like...

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