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insurance broker - Company to the client world-class museum...

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Avishkumar Patel Prof. R, Powell The Conflict of an Insurance Broker This is a very critical condition of A&A Company. However, they should do business in such a way that it maintains their ethical responsibilities and also law and order. As it’s mentioned in the article, A&A Company evaluates a client’s situation and negotiates on the client’s behalf with insurance provider, and provides best insurance coverage with affordable pricing. As per mentioned in article A&A Company already knows about the situation of world-class museum, that the museum needs the lowest priced insurance coverage. Therefore, I think the broker company (A&A) should provide all five quotes of insurance coverage pricing, including Reliable’s quote, and all information of Reliable
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Unformatted text preview: Company, to the client world-class museum. Especially that the Reliable is a small, financially shaky insurance company. A&A should let museum (their clients) make decision of which insurance coverage to buy, rather than choosing a course of action that benefits themselves, even though in reality the client is also better served. About the competition, it is completely fair and honest competition given by Reliable Company. Because if Reliable is giving such low pricing than the company is talking the risk and doing the business. If Reliable gets loss then nobody is going help recover that loss except themselves....
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insurance broker - Company to the client world-class museum...

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