p&g hands is dirtybusiness

p&g hands is dirtybusiness - Avishkumar Patel Prof,...

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Avishkumar Patel Prof, R, Powell 1 feb, 2010 In this article, the company is not giving any priority to the confidentiality and privacy act which should have been formulated and followed accordingly. The critics of Procter & Gamble’s heavy-handed investigation did not cite any harmful consequences beyond the chilling effect it might have had on employees and members of the press. Instead, they complained about the abuse of power and invasion of privacy. In particular, P&G was charged with violation certain rights, the right of reporter to search out newsworthy information and the right can have very serious consequences, and so we should be alarmed by any occurrences. Consequences aside, however, there is something objectionable about a company snooping on its own employees and using law enforcement officials for company purpose. There were several issues for the P&G Company to accept their failure and not to reveal the trade secrets, business data, strategies and plans. It is unduly wrong on the company’s behalf to deny the aspect of any aspect which prohibits the
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company to reach the organizational goal. Thus, the criticism of P&G is more on
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p&g hands is dirtybusiness - Avishkumar Patel Prof,...

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