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Toys “R” Us Hardball tactics are always applauded in business. However, if Child World could have mentioned in the customer’s bill copy or directly to customers while they pay for their purchases that “the particular scheme is not for dealers, retailers and wholesalers.” then it would be illegal for Toys “R” Us to resale and make profits on Child World’s products. If such things were mentioned than it is foul for Toys “R” Us. But if those things were not mention to people before they buy thing from Child World then it’s fair and nothing is done illegal or wrong by Toys “R” Us. It’s all business. Home Depot Here, I think Home Depot deed an ethical business. Because when weather
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Unformatted text preview: forecasters predicted that hurricane strike the Miami area at that time Home Depot’s sales was already increased, if Home Depot would think of making profit than they would have increase price before hurricane strikes. If Home Depot increase the price of half inch plywood from $8.65 to $10.15 after hurricane strike, may be to recover profit (which was lost when wholesalers increased their product price and Home Depot sold those products for the same price.) or may be to stop gougers selling stuffs for even higher prices. Now if people hope Home Depot to sale products for very less price then it’s not going to possible because Home Depot is running business, not a Charity Center....
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