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Unformatted text preview: PART 3-MARKETING MISCUE MANUFACTURING DEFECT RESULTS IN QUITE A STIR FOR IPOD NANO Innovation has been key in Apple Computers transition from just a computer company into a consumer electronics company as well. One of Apples most prominent consumer electronics product introductions has been the iPod. Though companies such as Dell countered with competing products (e.g., the Dell DJ), the iPod quickly became synonymous with MP3 players. Without a doubt, the iPod has been a runaway success for Apple. With estimated quarterly shipments of almost 7 million iPods, Apple continues to crush competitors. The company recognized that, as with any cool product offering, it had to keep the spotlight on the iPod. To do so, Apple introduced the iPod Nano in the fall of 2005. Considered by some to be the coolest iPod yet, the iPod Nano was a hybrid of the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Mini, and full-sized color iPods. Combining key features from all three products, plus some new features, the iPod Nano brought new meaning to the phrase thin is in. With dimensions of 3.5 by 1.6 inches and a back-to-front depth of 0.27 inches, the iPod Nano could fit into a business card wallet. of 3....
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