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Page 1 Intro to Algorithms http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~moorthy/Courses/CSCI2300/ DSA aka Intro to Algorithms 1. Design of Algorithms 2. Analysis of Algorithms -How long does the algorithm take? (run time) -Hor much storage does the algorithm need What is the best possible algorithm for solving a given problem? Strategies used in the design of algorithms. .. -Greedy -Brute Force -Dynamic Programming -Divide and Congquer -Reduction. -Table look up. 3. Efficiently implement the algorithm. _____________________________________________________________ Computational models we use: -Sequential computers -Multi-core computers. Examples: numbers n1, n2 n1+n2 If numbers fit within a word, you can add two numbers in unit time. very large if n1 or n2 is about 1000 bits long. (1000/32)=n/w Big Oh notation: <50 <25 >12 <18 <15 >13 IT's 14 n elements, search for any element. -If the elements are not sorted then it takes -If the elements are sorted then it takes O(log n), 100 elements sorted. Binary search takes O(log n) comparisons
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dsa1 - Intro to Algorithms...

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