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BIBC 102 HW 4 - BIBC 102 Metabolic Biochemistry Summer...

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BIBC 102 Metabolic Biochemistry Name ____________________ Summer Session 2010 Homework 4 (40 pts.) Section ___________________ 1) (8 pts.) An experiment is done to measure electron transport and ATP synthesis in isolated mitochondria. Sketch a plot of the hypothetical experimental results if you measure both O 2 consumption and ATP synthesis (y-axis; show each with a separate line) versus time. Start the experiment (t = 0) with succinate, ADP, and Pi in the mix and successively add an uncoupler of ATP synthesis and electron transport (at t = 4 min.) and then an inhibitor of ATP synthase (at t = 8 min.). Indicate the point that each agent is added. 2) (8 pts.) In the citric acid cycle, malate dehydrogenase oxidizes malate to oxaloacetate with the production of NADH. There are two other pathways or systems in which malate dehydrogenase functions. What are they? Give a general description of both pathways, and of what is occurring specifically with malate dehydrogenase. What is the common theme with both of these other pathways ( i.e. what is the reaction catalyzed by malate dehydrogenase serving to accomplish for the cell)?
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3) (8 pts.) A series of experiments is set up using isolated mitochondria.
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