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ENGR 13100 – Fall 2010 HW 4 ENGR13100 - Homework #4 Answer Sheet Name: Rachel Pereira Section No. 005 Team No. 2 Date: 9/16/10 Problem 1 - Individual School of Civil Engineering Q# Response a The Hoover dam was built to prevent flooding and provide water for natural resources; such as for drinking and electricity. b According to the video, one of the main problem with the Hoover dam is the amount of traffic that it has. c The goal of the new bypass bridge is to have another road to reduce the traffic that goes on the Hoover dam. d The bridge is held in place by an arch. But vertical columns will be added on to the arch for more support. e Other bridges wouldn’t work, like suspension bridges, because arch frame is able to support the weight over a long span. Another example would be a truss bridge and a beam bridge that don’t span for very long. f U.S. 93 uses the top of Hoover Dam to cross the Colorado River. U.S. Highway 93 is the major commercial corridor between the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah; it is also on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) route between Mexico and Canada. Because of this there is a lot of traffic that happens there. Also it is a tourist spot so people all over the world come to see the dam. g Some of the safety issues that go along with the bypass are that workers need to be careful while building. Also it needs to watch out for suicide jumpers. Another safety concern is in the construction and to make sure the engineering behind it is good. h The materials used to build it might not be as environmentally friendly. Also it might promote more car usage because of the less traffic. i Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering, environmental engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic & Hydrologic Engineering, Land Development Engineering, Materials Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering Page 1 of 4
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j Architectural engineering is engineering that deals with the construction, design, and operation of buildings. It relates to the Hoover bypass bridge because you need someone
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engr13100_hw04_answsht_f10 - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 HW 4...

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