engr13100_hw07_answsht_indv_f10 - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010...

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ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 ENGR13100 - Homework #7 Individual Answer Sheet Name: Rachel Pereira Section No. 005 Team No. 02 Date: 10/07/10 Problem 1 - Individual School of Construction Engineering and Management… Step 2 1. The reason that the CEM program stands out from other construction programs is because students are required, as part of the curriculum, to have three terms of internships to gain real world experience. 2. – Construction managers and engineers assist project engineers in solving construction problems. Also they determine costs and manage funding for the contractor and the projects. -One job that I would like to know more about is a construction manager at the U.S. army corps of engineers in New Orleans. 3. The jobsite that I found interesting was the high rise in Chicago because it seems cool to work on a skyscraper. Step 3 1. The Yas Island development and the project of Saadiyat Island. 2. If I were in charge of the Yas Island project, the courses give me the skills I need because they help me prepare in skills that I would get like in construction management, or if I need justification for my solutions then surveying would help me. Other skills that the coursework gives me would be financial management that I would get from the class called financial management. Step 4 1. - Construction financing is determining the budget of the project and deciding how much to spend on certain parts of the project. The relevance is so that the project doesn’t go over budget and so money is spent wisely and what the money needs to be spent on. -
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engr13100_hw07_answsht_indv_f10 - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010...

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