Milestone 2 - Section 08 05 Rachel Pereira, Andrea...

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Section 05 Milestone 2 Team 00 08 Fall Rachel Pereira, Andrea Baffes, Kyle Secris October 7, 2010 Figure 1
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For this project, we identified the stakeholders as the clients, who are Purdue University, Greater Lafayette City, and City Bus, and the users who are, students, faculty, and the citizens of Lafayette. We decided that the students and faculty of Purdue University would be the users that we needed to focus on, in terms of needs, the most, along with the clients, because they use the system the most. The needs of our stakeholders are an updated master plan for 2020 that reduces energy consumption, increases the use of public transportation, and identify an innovative and futuristic approach to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. They need a system that will be quick and alluring. The new solution must take into account all types of people that may be disabled, handicap, blind, or deaf. Our solution is geared towards the needs of the people
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Milestone 2 - Section 08 05 Rachel Pereira, Andrea...

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