Milestone 4 - Section 08 05 Andrea Baffes, Rachel Pereira,...

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Section 05 Milestone 4: Concept R 08 Fall Andrea Baffes, Rachel Pereira, Kyle Sec TEAM 2 1
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Milestone 4 Team 2 Section 005 11/4/10 HW 11 Purdue University is looking to improve their commuter system. We have come up with some ideas as possible solutions for the commuter system. The ideas we have are, a monorail, a bus route around the perimeter of the school, have an above ground tunnel, all parking garages around on the perimeter of campus, and a two-way bus route. With the help of research and well thought assumptions we have decided on these solutions to good choices. Our first idea is to put a monorail on campus. The monorail is an appealing and quiet machine. It is usually electrically powered which makes it quieter and environmentally friendly. The monorail that was put in at Las Vegas was said that it reduced the CO 2 emissions by more than 58 tons (The Monorail Society). It would be great for our constant move to be more environmentally friendly. Besides being environmentally friendly it will also create less traffic on the campus rounds since the monorail is an elevated system. It will also make it easier to get from the dorms to campus by having a stop right at the dorms. Also since it is a one rail car system it has the ability to curve and weave easily through buildings and other obstacles. The only downside to the monorail is the price. Some of the systems that we researched cost 10 million/km to 88 million/km for each year. So if we could figure out a way to lower the cost the monorail would be a great addition to the commuter system. Other than the monorail we have decided to create a route that goes only around the perimeter of the academic campus. This will make it easier for students to go from class to class with out having to take those extra stops. These buses would run on the hour and then ever 5 minutes until the 40 th minute. The route will be from University Street to Stadium to Northwestern to N Grant Street to W State Street then through Oval Drive back on State Street to go back to University and around again. This makes it easier for those students who have back- to-back classes. Along with the perimeter bus route we will have above ground tunnels. This will motivate people to walk more even when the weather is bad. Since we are in Indiana the weather here can get pretty bad. With rain, snow and extremely cold temperatures the above ground tunnel will protect students from these harsh conditions. It will be in between some classes and on popular walking areas. It will be made of glass so you can still see the beautiful nature and metal for strength. The tunnel will also help by decreasing the bus traffic on those rainy days when many more people take the bus instead of walking. Along with decreasing the bus traffic we are also trying to decrease the amount of car
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Milestone 4 - Section 08 05 Andrea Baffes, Rachel Pereira,...

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