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Ch9 - Chapter 9 Language Why are humans capable of language...

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Chapter 9 Language Why are humans capable of language? Humans are preprogrammed to learn language. It happens spontaneously and without direct training. Any child can be placed in any culture and will naturally learn the language being spoken. Stages of Psychology o Structuralism – Deals with the structure of thought. What are its individual components o Functionalism – Deals with the function of thought. o Behaviorism - Behaviorism had all but eliminated the notion of consciousness or conscious thought within psychology. All psychological principles were reduced to observable behavior and behavior modification. o Cognitive Revolution – came after behaviorism, involved a reintroduction of thought and consciousness. Chomsky vs. Skinner Chomsky’s review of Skinner’s book was not meant to be an attack on Skinner so much as an attack on Behaviorism in general. In many ways, the Chomsky review marked the end of the behaviorist movement in Psychology. Verbal Behavior (Book) – Skinner’s answer (from a behaviorist perspective) for why humans have language.
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