ch12 - Theories of Personality Chapter 12 Personality...

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Theories of Personality Chapter 12 Personality Personality: Stable ways of behaving thinking and feeling How is our personality formed? What makes up our personality? What makes each personality different? How can we use personality research to better understand ourselves and others? Freud and Psychoanalysis The “father” of personality theory Iceberg Analogy: Freud’s concept of personality The ID (the selfish beast): “libido”: energy that sustains the life instinct “the life instinct”: needs for sex, food, pleasure “the death instinct”: aggressive needs The EGO (the self): Both conscious and unconscious The “referee” (btw the Id and Superego) The SUPEREGO (the perfect self): Defense Mechanisms Ways that the EGO deals with unconsciously threatening thoughts
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Repression: pushing thoughts out of awareness Regression: reverting to an earlier phase of development Denial: refusing to admit the truth of a situation Projection: placing your own unacceptable feelings onto someone else Displacement: directing emotions (anger) towards others (who are not the source of your anger) Reaction Formation: an unconscious feeling appears as the opposite when brought to awareness (“Thou Doth Protest Too Much”) Personality Development (Freud) Stages of Psychosexual Development Oral Stage: (0-1yr): Anal Stage: (1-3yrs): Fixation at this stage: anal retentive / anal expulsive Phallic Stage: (3-6yrs): Most important stage, id is gratified via the genitals, child has unconscious sexual attraction to opposite sex parent Oedipus Complex: the unconscious wish of boys to kill their fathers and possess their mothers Castration Anxiety: fear that father will castrate him if his desire for mom is discovered Phallic Stage continued: Electra Complex: girls want to possess mom, but realize that they have no
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ch12 - Theories of Personality Chapter 12 Personality...

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