Ch14 - Chapter 14 Abnormal Psychology Abnormal Behavior/...

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Chapter 14 Abnormal Psychology Abnormal Behavior/ Mental Disorder : actions, thoughts and feelings that: -Are outside cultural norms -Cause emotional distress -Cause dysfunction in living -Are dangerous to self or others The DSM The DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Medical Model - Describes symptoms and typical age of onset or other characteristics of the disorder Problems with the DSM: - Over diagnosis - Labeling - Serious problem vs. “normal” problems - Subjective nature of determining a disorder What causes mental disorders? Research has shown that there are usually both natural and psychological factors Diathesis-Stress model: biological factors (genetics, brain chem. And others) are paired with environmental stressors to create a psychological disorder - What causes cancer? - What causes mental illness? Insanity Insanity : a legal term that has three different meanings: 1.) A person’s ability to tell right from wrong (not guilty by reason of insanity) 2.) A persons ability to understand the legal proceedings (competency to stand trial) 3.) Whether the person is a direct danger to self or others. (Involuntary commitment to a mental hospital) Anxiety Disorders
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Anxiety Disorders : excessive levels of negative emotions -i.e. nervousness, tension, worry, fright and anxiety 1. Phobias : an intense, irrational fear Specific Phobia : a fear of one specific thing Social Phobia : a fear of social interactions, particularly those with strangers or those in which the person might be viewed negatively Agoraphobia : a fear of leaving one’s home 2. Generalized Anxiety Disorder : a vague uneasy sense of general tension & apprehension that lasts for years 3. Panic Disorder : a pattern of anxiety in which long periods of calm broken by intensely uncomfortable attacks of anxiety (panic attack/ anxiety attack)
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Ch14 - Chapter 14 Abnormal Psychology Abnormal Behavior/...

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