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Homework 12 2. For our project GUI might be useful because we are planning on making a chemical balancer so that it would make it easier for the user. The user could just put the chemical equation into the GUI and it would make it very easy to use. 3. Errors in conditional statements Line 13: the line says elseif. To fix it you need it to be an else statement. Line 15: the error in this line is that heron_A should be heron_area.
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Unformatted text preview: Line 15: the error is in side-c. The line should actually say side_c. 4. Errors in looping structures Line 13: the error is that it says New_matrix. To fix it, it must be a lower case n and be new_matrix. Line 18 and 20: The errors in both these lines is that it says else while. There is no such thing as an else while statement so to fix it, it must say else or else if....
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