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6. MEA a. First I would set a baseline for what I would consider to be rough and based on that I would figure out if the pavement was rough based on a scale. b. A slide because if it were to be rough your experience would be horrible. I would set a baseline like I would with the other situation and based on that I would be able to tell if it were rough or not. c. I would define roughness as something that is not smooth or has irregularities within the surface of the object. Yes the definition changes but only slightly because my definition is subjective.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. MEA a. The three modes are the contact mode, the noncontact mode and the tapping mode. The advantages of all the modes are that they map the tomography of the surfaces, but the disadvantages of them are that in the contact mode is that it can damage sample surfaces. The disadvantage of the tapping mode is that it has the lowest surface force. b. The AFM resolution limit is between the tip and the surface feature of the sample. c. The shape and radius of the cantilever tip is what limits the resolution of the AFM....
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