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HW15 - was submitted Isaiah Richardson Isaiah helped with...

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HW 15 Julia Maria John Julia helped on all of the milestones. She also wrote the executive summary for the final project. For the actual code, she along with Isaiah made sure that there were no errors and tried to fix any that occurred. Rachel Pereira For this project, I usually delegated tasks among group members. I worked on all of the milestones. For the project code I wrote nine functions. Also I looked over the entire project and formatted work before it
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Unformatted text preview: was submitted. Isaiah Richardson Isaiah helped with all the milestones. He contributed to all the work that was done on the project. After I wrote the code, he fixed any mistakes and also created the instructions to run the program. Josh Budweg Josh did not help on any milestone. He contributed to the final program in no way. He did nothing for this project and had excesses for everything....
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