Milestone 4 - strings(if the user wants more than one...

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Rachel Pereira, Isaiah Richardson, Julia Jo 2/22/11 Section 07 Team 5 Milestone 4: Scoping Propose 08 Fall
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Milestone 4 Overview For our project in ENGR 132, our team decided that our program with MATLAB is to make a chemical balancer. The scope of our project is to look at any given equation and determine how to balance the elements using normal balancing, fast reaction, and/or slow reactions. Current Conditions: For the program that we want to make, there are no components of the system that already exist that we are aware of. No program has been made on MATLAB that balances chemical equations. Some of the boundaries of our system that are in place is that the program has to be made using MATLAB and that it must complete the task that we ask it to. Assumptions for our program is that it is made using MATLAB and that no other program has been made that does the same thing. 1.Function Specifications 1.1. Inputs are added in by the user and will be computed into a balanced equation 1.1.1. The user will type in the unbalanced equation as a string or as a vector of
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Unformatted text preview: strings (if the user wants more than one answer). 1.1.2. Using the input of the user, the program will calculate each input in separate calculations and use a while loop to determine the number needed on each element to balance the equation. 1.1.3. In order to calculate the number needed on each element, we will need to define each variable so that they may be calculated. 1.1.4. If the equation enter is not valid (i.e. elements aren’t used on both sides), the program will report an error message informing the user that the equation is wrong. 1.2. Outputs of the program will be the balanced equation(s) 1.3. The outputs will be the coefficients of each side of the equation. 1.3.1. The coefficients on each side of the equations (on each element) will add up with the subscripts of each element so that elements on each side will be equal 1.3.2. The coefficients given back will be in the form float because some balanced equations are not always even integers....
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Milestone 4 - strings(if the user wants more than one...

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