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4 Page 1 Pre-lab: Read Appendix F. 1. Purpose To determine whether air behaves as an ideal gas. To determine the value of the Universal Gas Constant by two different methods. 2. Theory One of Ludwig Boltzmann’s most remarkable achievements was the derivation of the equation of state, from the principles of classical mechanics that describes an ideal gas: PV = nRT (1) where P, V, and T are the pressure, volume, and temperature of the gas, respectively. The amount of gas is given by the number of moles, n, and the constant of proportionality, R, is called the Universal Gas Constant. The reason that Boltzmann’s results were so startling is that most gases at low pressures, i.e. << 101.3 kPa (the atmospheric pressure), exhibit the same physical behaviour. In this theory, it is assumed that the gas molecules are non-interacting spheres which collide elastically. Furthermore, one mole of most gases occupies approximately the same volume, Vmol = 22.4 L, at atmospheric pressure of 101.3 kPa and at a temperature of 0 o C. The usefulness of these properties did not go unnoticed; which is why gas thermometers are presently amongst the most precise instruments for measuring temperature. 3. Procedure 3.1 Pressure and Temperature Relationship • Insert the temperature probe in the steam generator through the small opening on top of the rubber stopper. The tip should be positioned at the glass bulb’s mid- height, and should not touch the walls of the steam generator. The steam generator is already 2/3 full. Make sure the rubber lid properly seals the glass bulb’s opening. Also, make sure that the plastic tube between the bulb and the pressure probe is correctly attached. The setup schematic is in ±gure (1). Once the setup is ready, click on LoggerPro 3.8.2. icon. When the IDEAL GAS LAW 4 4 Figure (1) The setup schematic. Temperature sensor Pressure sensor Steam generator Computer Water Air
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4 Page 2 program starts, you should read a tempreture around 22 o C and a pressure around 50 kPa. Do not change the position of small handle of T-shape-valve, see Fgure (2). Preparation of the graph and the data acquisition
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idealgaslaww - 4 IDEAL GAS LAW Pre-lab Read Appendix F 1...

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