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Unformatted text preview: 5 Page 1 Important notes: * Warning! Improper handling of the collision pucks during the experiment can lead to a severe electrical shock! Your T.A. will make a demonstration of the proper use of the equipment before you can use it. * Do not place the collision pucks directly on the carbon paper. Doing so will lead to tears in the carbon paper. * In this lab you will be required to measure angles. Please bring a protractor to the lab. * For this lab only students should work in groups of three. Each person should work on a particular collision (collision diagram and momentum vector diagram). Once the diagrams are all completed, group members can share their results with each other. However, each student must complete Tables 1 and 2 in their lab booklets and give sample calculations in the lab report. Only one name (the person responsible for the calculations) should be written on each collision diagram. Write your collegue names on your report. 1. Purpose 1) To use the air table to study different types of collision. 2) To verify the conservation of momentum in two dimensions, and determine the loss in kinetic energy. Apparatus: The air table, ¡gure (1), is a ¢at square sheet of glass about 60 cm by 60 cm. It has three feet for leveling. The pucks are heavy metal discs with a long ¢exible air supply hose connected at the top. The air passes out between the ¢at surface of the puck and the table, so that the puck essentially ¢oats on air and moves almost...
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conservationmonentum - 5 Page 1 Important notes Warning...

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