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Unformatted text preview: 3 Page 1 Laws of Motion Pre-lab: Read Appendix F. 1) Purpose To study by observation Newtons laws of classical mechanics. 2) Theory Newtons three laws can be express as follows: First law: A body at rest remains at rest, and a body in motion remains in motion at a constant velocity as long as there are no external forces acting. Second law: DeFnes a force in term of mass and acceleration =ma, in other words when a force is acting on a mass, it accelerates. Third law: or every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. During this experiment you will use the equations of motion derived from Newtons laws you have studied in your rst year courses. In the rst part of the experiment we will study the acceleration of an object (glider) on an inclined plan. Suppose that we have an inclined plan as in gure (1). Then the force due to body weight is F = mg . This force can be analyzed into normal force on the plan, N = mgcos( q ) , and acceleration force, ma = mgsin( q ) , where g is the gravitational acceleration, m the mass of the glider and q is the angle between normal vector and gravitational acceleration vector. igure (1) Motion in inclided plan 3 3 h d 3 Page 2 Because sin( q ) = h/d and sin( q ) = a/g then a = (g/d)h . If the distance between the legs of the air track is one meter then one gets the simple relation a = gh . Using the above relation, g can be determined from the slope of a graph of a versus h . The friction force is equal to F = m N , where m is the coefFcient of friction....
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lawsofmotionsr - 3 Page 1 Laws of Motion Pre-lab: Read...

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