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appendexDr - Appendix D Lab Report Purpose Do not copy from...

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D Page 1 Purpose: * Do not copy from lab manual * Basically paraphrase purpose from manual or be creative. Theory: * Introduce the equations that you will use by stating them and * Explaining what they’re used for. Data: - Consists of: * All measure quantities * Tables - Must have a title and be numbered - All data in tables should have: units and error on measurements. * Graphs - Must have a title - A proper scale - Axes must be labeled [title (units)] - Points plotted must have error bars (unless to small in which case state it on the graph) - For linear fits, lines of best and worst fit are needed. - Sample calculations: - Show an example of all calculations and the involved error. (see Appendix B for errors in measurement) Discussion: * Do your results agree with some theoretical prediction? * Do two results agree (different methods)? * Do they agree with a theoritical value? * What measurements contributed the major part of the error? * Could the experiment be improved (possibly simpler apparatus)? * Is there sources of systematic error?
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