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Assets and Evidence Homework due May 30, 2011

Assets and Evidence Homework due May 30, 2011 - your...

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TO: COMM 2293 Students FROM: Heather Thompson, COMM 2293 Professor DATE: May 25, 2011 SUBJECT: Typed Homework Due in Class, Monday, May 30 To prepare for Assignment 3, please type up a memo to me with the information described below. First, read the Assignment 3 memo as well as pages 405-08 of Chapter 16. Then, write a short direct approach memo to me about your plans for Assignment 3. In the memo, tell me the following: 1. What job will you be applying for in Assignment 3 and which company will you apply to? Give the specific job title (e.g.., assistant financial advisor, customer service manager, junior accountant) and the company name . 2. What are the three most important qualifications an applicant needs for this position (in order of importance, starting with experience or education/training, whichever is more relevant for the job)? 3. What three skill sets will you use at the beginning of your résumé to highlight
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Unformatted text preview: your relevant transferable skills? Here is an example of the first skill set an accounting student might include for an accounting position: Asset: Accounting skills Evidence: 1. I worked in my family’s factory for three years as a bookkeeper. 2. I am an accounting major and have learned how to prepare such financial statements as… Remember that a skill is something you can do; you don’t acquire skills simply from studying. Therefore, simply being an accounting major or having completed certain accounting courses isn’t technically a skill. You need to say what you can do as a result of having taken the courses. To receive full credit toward your “other writing” credit, make sure your memos are complete, typed, and on time. If you have questions about your task for this homework, please email me at [email protected]
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