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Summer 2011 Assignment 3 - Presenting false information...

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MEMO TO: COMM 2293 Students FROM: COMM 2293 Instructors DATE: May 25, 2011 SUBJECT: Assignment 3 Instructions: Unsolicited Cover Letter and Functional Résumé Here are the instructions for Assignment 3, an unsolicited cover letter and functional résumé. For this assignment, write an unsolicited cover letter and résumé for a position for which you are qualified and at which you can start working within six months. An unsolicited or prospecting cover letter is written when applying for a position that has not been formally advertised in the classifieds section of a newspaper, on an employment centre job board, on an internet job site, or on a company’s employment site. In other words, the position is not currently available, and the targeted employer is not actively recruiting someone to fill the position. Follow the full block, flush left letter format discussed in class, and use a functional résumé. Use only truthful information about yourself, the position, and the company.
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Unformatted text preview: Presenting false information about yourself on a résumé is not only unethical but also will result in a grade of 0. The job can be either part time or full time or a summer position but must be a “step up” from any job you have held so far, with more responsibilities. The type of position you apply for will depend on where you are in your university studies. A first- or second-year student would likely apply for a part-time or summer position, whereas a third- or fourth-year student nearing graduation would apply for a full-time position. Please remember to merge your cover letter and résumé into one electronic file before submitting to Turnitin.com. Note: Students who submit a chronological or combined résumé and/or a cover letter for a solicited (advertised) position will receive a grade of 0 on that part of the assignment....
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