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Picture 45 - mm AR EEWGHAGES mm REVIEW mm gm“ ARTIST not...

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Unformatted text preview: mm AR EEWGHAGES mm REVIEW mm gm“ . ARTIST not avaiiahla TITLE KOUT‘DS YEAR ca. 600 BCE HEDIUM Marble DIMENSIONS approx. 6' 1f2" high DESCRIPTION The sculptors of the earliest Fife- siza statues of kouroi (young men) adopted ihe Egyptian pose for standing figures (F16. 3-13} but the kouroi are nude and liberated from the originai bind: of stone. Flgure 5.8 The :11u::u|ir.ar: MLIEE‘ :IfP-J'L FIEI::.!'|EI'FI.I!'I::i. _ "."';. 'i': _ '- 2’; -.-.' '_1|ir_:—;r|r-.-1|_-:3eur-': :'_1f,.-':.J'r_ ...
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