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POLICY MANAGEMENT OPERATION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT All organizations have operations. "A manufacturing company can operate in a foundry, a mill or factory. Our interest is in operations management or operations management (OM), including the routine management cycle of planning, implementation and monitoring / control. The driving force of OM must be a primary objective of continuously improving service customers where the customer means that the next process and the end user, external. ? Since there is an element of the operation for all functions the company, all persons in all jobs in each department of the organization should form a team to improve their own management of operations is not elements. Teaming up with clients What happens when suppliers and customers are disconnected? Consider the design work, for example. Whether it's goods or services, time and distance of separation in the supplier-customer relationship brings trouble. Question: "What is your ? Work "Question:" But is not their job to serve the customer "in grocery stores, where the supplier, the relationship is immediate, operations System Manager is having difficulty sustaining a customer focus. The customer is the next process, or where the work goes next. A buyer customer is an associate in the department that the item purchased goes; the customer a cost accountant is the director, using accounting operations, where the design is produced or serviced. It is also clear that throughout the organization, people have not only Customers are customers. We will focus our attention on what customers want. A short list of clients want the basic requirement is a recipient or customer point of view of a good or service. Working closely with the customer's real needs. A close collaboration with the helps customers create good specifications, which increases the supplier's ability to meet customer needs. What else do customers want? Customers have six requirements of its suppliers: High levels of quality. The high levels of service. Low cost. OPERATIONS STRATEGY A commitment to the organization with wide ranging effects, such as continuous improvement to meet customer needs, it is called strategy. Own strategy is necessary due to competition, and the successful company's strategy ensures that the strengths match the needs of the customer. Integrated business To achieve its goals, the team should plan the business strategy across all functions of four lines. A comprehensive plan strategic business concerns problems affecting the entire organization: employees, markets, location, product line and services, customers, capital and profitability, financing, competition, public image and so on. OM Strategies must be consistent with the business plan, but with a narrower focus: the capacity (operating resources): first-line and support staff, information, equipment and tools, materials, location (space). Products, processes, methods and
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