An Essay On Poverty And Welfare

An Essay On Poverty And Welfare - Poverty and welfare Today...

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Poverty and welfare Today it seems as if everyone has a theory about fighting poverty, it is not necessary moving in theory. Our country has had success against poverty programs that are effective over a century ago, effective because they were based in these seven points: affiliation, bonding, categorization, discernment, employment, freedom, and God. However, a key element of all is the personal commitment and challenge, both material and spiritual. If people a hundred years ago could help others to overcome poverty, and then his attention on the next group of impoverished immigrants and why, can not we? We had more time? No, although we feel stressed, your working days were longer on average. Do they have more money? No, we are far richer as a society now. They had more space in their homes, so they could take another person and can not? No, on average, our homes are much larger. They had less of a problem with drugs and alcohol? Probably not. They were less parenting one situations - was no less illegitimacy and divorce then - but life
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