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American Military History Essay Outline

American Military History Essay Outline - American Military...

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American Military History Essay Outline WWI: 1914-1918 Causes of World War I (NIMAS): Nationalism: Earlier hostilities from Franco-Prussian War, Austria-Hungary holds Serbia and wants Bosnia too, Russia wants to help the Balkans, Italy fears Austria and wants territory, Germany glorifies war and backs Austria Hungary Imperialism: Congress of Berlin (1878) creates mad dash for colonies in Africa and Asia; Germany is pissed they have shitty colonies Militarism/arms race: Schlieffen Plan (Germany wants to defeat France to the West, then Russia to the east), Naval Arms Race, Germany has best land army and threatened Britain’s sea control Alliances: Triple Alliance (1879 and 1872): Italy, Austria-Hungary, Germany Triple Entente(1904 and 1907): France, Britain, Russia Background Otto Von Bismarck creation of Germany Germany was trying to become a manufacturing and trading competitor before unification. Germany also built up its transportation system, especially its merchant marine. France was wary of Germany because of Germanys economic progress and because Germany had been created from France’s defeat and signing of Versailles Britain was nervous because Germanys maritime prowess building and Germany showed they wanted to become a global trader Russia was a mess with Japanese-Russo war in 1904 but still was nervous of Austria and Germany because they wanted to move into the Balkans Due to all this animosity, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed the triple alliance. England, France, and Russia formed the Triple Entente. Germany now had 5.7 million men in army in 1914. France had 4.5 million Russia had 5.3 million men Austria-Hungary had 2.3 million men Causes of US Intervention Into WWI: (US enters war in 1917) Brit better at Propaganda than Germany To protect interest tied up with Allies National Defense Act 1916 – expansion of national gaurd Submarine – spark – broke international law (didn’t surface and give neutrals warning because Britain armed passenger vessels) 1917 U-boats sinking any boats German U-Boats sank passenger ships by mistake a lot May 1915 - Lusitania, sank by germans, 1200 civilians, 128 americans killed Our failure to maintain neutrality, we didn’t hold Britain to same standards as Germany but Britain also didn’t destroy passenger ships, Wilson asked people not to choose sides
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but we were sympathetic to democratic allies, when Russia dropped out became progressive era pledge to spread democracy Zimmerman telegram – asked mexico to go to war with US Zimmerman telegram told mexico it could have a bit of southern US if it went to war Strategies Germanys original plan, the Schlieffen plan, was to attack France to the West, then move to attack against Russia in the west, because Russia would take a long time to immobilize and the railroad could move soldiers west to east in Germany.
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