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History Final IDs - S noopy f lew a Sopwith_ Camel...

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Snoopy flew a Sopwith_ Camel History Final IDs Admiral Erich Raeder (German): 1938- proposed 2 naval plans to Hitler. 1) weapons to be used  against commerce(Submarines and surface raiders) 2) Plan Z-  surface fleet for open combat with the allied navies.  Chose Plan Z.  Not enough battleships or trained men to be successful against  Britain.   Spring 1941- Raeder planned surface raiding mission to shut down  the North Atlantic to English.  Battleships  Bismarck and Prinz  Eugen  took part in one of the great naval conflicts of modern time.  In May 1941, when  Bismarck  was destroyed, Hitler gave up this type  of surface raiding warfare and dismissed Raeder as head of navy in  1943.   - naval leader before and during WW2 – became grand admiral in 1939. Sentenced to death in Nuremberg Trials – later released. Wanted to invade Egypt. Bismarck (German battleship): New 42,000 ton battleship in 1941.   Sailed out of Bergen, Norway into one of the greatest naval conflicts  of modern time. Met and sank the British battle cruiser  Hood   with her 15 inch guns.  May 26, 1941- planes from the carrier  Ark Royal  hit the  Bismarck  damaging her rudders.   Tried to sail away but the next day was pounded by battleships  Rodney  and  King George V .   Was finally destroyed by a cruiser-launched torpedo with only 110 of  her 2,300 men surviving.   Battle of the Bulge:  
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WHERE? The Battle of the Bulge took place in a section of southeast Belgium called the Ardennes WHEN? December 16, 1944 Hitler plan for this battle was to take the offensive and split the Allie  army into two and destroy them piecemeal before turning to face  Russians advancing in the east Hit American troops o The US troop where tired from the battle of Huertgen Forest  o Wasn’t able to get supplies to them till the weather cleared out  on Dec 23  o Allies began to contour attack on December 30  o Allowing allies to get supply’s was the end of German control of  the battle This was Hitler’s last greatest battle and he lost it  o He lost men, reserves and equipment  Surprise attack conducted by Germany towards the end of WWII, goal was to split allied powers in half and force a treaty to be signed. U.S. forces outlast Hitler’s panzer tanks throughout the cold weather. Despite sustaining heavy losses in a very bloody battle, this proves to be a landmark win for the allies. P-51 (mustangs): 
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History Final IDs - S noopy f lew a Sopwith_ Camel...

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