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Take home essay AMH Final - Everything We Had: An Oral H...

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Everything We Had: An Oral History by Al Santoli compiles honest reflections of personal accounts of thirty-three Vietnam veterans. Each veteran recalls completely separate incidents from different divisions but share underlying themes. David Ross was a medic in the 1 st Infantry Division in Dian from December 1965 to July 1967. Three of his accounts are recorded in the book. Ross’s first entry, the first story of the book, and one of the most shocking in the book is entitled “Welcome to the War, Boys”. It immediately brings the reality of the war to the reader’s attention. Forty “new guys” are hanging out waiting to get shots when four helicopters come, don’t touch down, and toss out body bags, one bag opening. This leads to vomiting, shaking, and praying. Ross’s defining moment occurs in Ben Suc retold in the passage “The New- Life Hamlet”. The beautiful, peaceful village he once helped treat was cleared and flattened. The same old lady and her family who invited into Ross their home as a sign of appreciate for bring medicine to her and her family, he was now “loading them on a Chanook”(EWH, 40). Ross makes the analogy of how Americans would react if they were taken from their homes and displaced somewhere completely foreign. Here the humanity of the
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Vietnam can be seen.
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Take home essay AMH Final - Everything We Had: An Oral H...

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