ww2 - Causes Treaty of Versailles pissed everyone off(maybe...

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Causes: - Treaty of Versailles pissed everyone off (maybe talk about)- US rejected league, France/Britain did not maintain - Expansion desired by Germany(Hitler), Russia (Stalin), Italy (Mussolini), Japan - September 1931: pretext “Mukden Incident” Japan snatched valuable Manchria (rich in oil shale, coal, iron, timber and arable soil) and established a “puppet emperor”, renaming it Manchukuo. Friends in West, did nothing due to depression. League of nations said should give it back so Japan left League of Nations 1933. - Economical state of depression allowed Hitler in 1933, chancellor then dictator - 1935 germany violates treaty Versailles, return to military training - 1935-1936 Italy seized Ethiopia – country’s emperor, Selassie, asked help from League of Nations – nothing - 1936 Germany invades Rhinland (France/England does nothing) - Sept 1938 Munich Agreement – Hitler, Prime Minster UK Chamberlain, French Premerier Daladier, and Mussolini – Gave Sudentenland (Czech) to Hitler to not seek more territory - Japan occupied more of north China and in 1937 invade/seized major cities of Peiping, Nanking, Shanghai, Hankow, and Canton. - 1937 – Italy Anti-Comintern Pact w/ Germany & Japan - 1939 - German seized/annexed remainder Czech– did nothing - 1939 – Italy took little Albania across Adriatic - Germans & Italians tested equipment/tactics by interfering with Spain’s Civil War - Stalin – refused overtures from England/France against Germany – signed non aggression treaty w/ Hitler August 23, 1939 – could have back independent Baltic states, ½ of Poland, but could not seize Bessarabia from Rumania - September 1, 1939 Germany attacked Poland from the west, 2 weeks Russian forces crossed territory and seized eastern half of its territory
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- September 3, France and great Britain declared war on Germany The War Overview Seemed to be only a European war but when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Axis poweres as of December 1941 – Germany, Italy, and Japan Allied powers – Great Britain, France, China, the Soviet Union (June 22, 1941), and US (Dec 1941) Largest war over 56 nations, greatest loss of lives and destruction of property in the history of the world American over all strategy
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ww2 - Causes Treaty of Versailles pissed everyone off(maybe...

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