WWII in class essay

WWII in class essay - W WI I Economically all in...

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WWII Economically all in depression, most likely to follow fanatical leaders. Battle of the Atlantic: 1939-1944 naval campaign of epic proportions taking pace on Atlantic, crucial to Allied victory – American strategy (219) – 1) The main American effort would be made in the Atlantic and Europe 2) a strategic defensive would be maintained in the Pacific , with particular emphasis on guarding the Alaska-Hawaii-Panama Canal strategic triangle, until the European enemies were defeated 3) a large-scale ground offensive would be called for in the European Theater with a projection of American forces onto North African or European soil being necessary. America had been rebuilding naval fleet past decade prior to WWII – 70% increase - Vinson-Trammel Act “Twenty Percent Naval Expansion Act” (1938) - Vinson-Walsh Act “Two-Ocean Navy Act” (1940) Panama Declaration – 1939 & Declaration of Havana June 1940 – defensive line around Western Hemisphere – off limits to hostile acts, off-shore neutrality zone - didn’t help Britain struggling maintain North Atlantic, Mediterranean and home waters for trade – German submarines & surface raiders - September 1940 “destroyer deal” – Roosevelt & Churchill – 50 old destroyers to Britain for 99 year leases on British bases (1 NF, 7 Caribbean) - Roosevelt extending limits of neutrality & broadcast German sub positions to British “Four Freedoms” proposal – supply ships/war materials to nations fighting aggressors - March 1941 Lend-Lease Act – goods to anti-Axis nations on credit
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- American air bases in Greenland for North Atlantic patrol duty - Extension of neutrality zone 2,000 miles out to sea, clearly into announced German war zone - 1941 “US was in an undeclared war with Germany” Ships attacked - September 4, 1941 USS
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WWII in class essay - W WI I Economically all in...

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