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HIST 110 extra credit - Cristina Ponte and Peter Reiseman...

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Cristina Ponte and Peter Reiseman HIST 110 – 3 Point Extra Credit Assignment Comparative Essay of WWI and WWII Films and Novels Novels and film are common ways of depicting war for future generations. Both methods attempt to portray the reality of war but both have shortcomings. Although films are able to show the action and gruesomeness of battle, they often lack in historical accuracy and cannot as easily reveal the thoughts and fears of a soldier at war. Textbooks supply facts, figures, and dates but give the insight of a soldiers feelings and the cold actuality of battle. Books that are written as narratives of soldiers are often missing facts and alternate views that supply things such as battle strategy and. .? World War One spanned from 1914 to 1918 and was one of the most devastating wars of the 20 th century. It was a war fought between the Triple Entente powers or the Allies, including Great Britain, France and Russia, and the Central Powers, Germany and Austria-Hungary. Many films and novels have been made to record this war. Through the use of “Sergeant York”, “The Fight 69 th ”, and James Morris’s America’s Armed Forces considerable insight into the battles, soldiers’ minds, and the overall devastation of WWI. Sergeant Alvin York was a famous WWI hero. He won the Medal of Honor for leading an attack on a German battalion, capturing about 130 German soldiers with a squad of about 10 American soldiers. In 1940 the movie “Sergeant York” was produced by Warner Brothers to tell the story of Alvin York. This movie gives perspective on the conscientious objectors and also the opposition they were met with in the army. This movie is based on the facts of actual events that led up to York’s historic capture.
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HIST 110 extra credit - Cristina Ponte and Peter Reiseman...

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