Mil. Hist. Midterm study guide (essays)

Mil. Hist. Midterm study guide (essays) - Explain the...

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Explain the evolution of American military strategy through the thoughts and actions of George Washington, Winfield Scott (especially during the Mexican War), Robert E. Lee, and U.S. Grant (and W.T. Sherman) George Washington: - Washington knew that he would be outnumbered, and so his strategy for the war was attrition. He planned to use hit and run tactics vs. British troops. At first his strategy was to fight a defensive war. Then he changed his mind and wanted to use concentrated forces against smaller British troops. He hoped to prolong the war long enough to the point where Britain would have to pull out due to political opposition. His plan was to keep the Continental Army intact, avoiding any action that would risk defeat. But would make spirited assaults where the situation was favorable, as in Trenton (1776), and Yorktown (1781). Winfield Scott: -Scott performed an amphibious assault on Veracruz during the Mexican War. His strategy after that was to continue working inland towards the capital, because he believed that the key to avoiding a long and costly war was to go right to Mexico City, the political center of Mexico. Robert E. Lee: -Robert E. Lee was a very offensive fighter. His military strategy focused on a climactic battle and an approach of annihilation. Very Napoleonic. His aggressive approach brought on the war at Antietam, when he decided to invade the north. His invasion of the north also brought on the war at Gettysburg. Even if he won this battle, he would not have gained anything in the war. Had he focused more on a defensive strategy during this war, the south could have won.
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Mil. Hist. Midterm study guide (essays) - Explain the...

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