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Notes - Guerriere off Nova Scotia “Victory in this second...

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Notes: “faced wtith the awesome disparity between its size and power and that of the Royal Navy, the American Navy turned to harassing British essels on the North Atlantic sea lanes.” Captain John Rodgers – drew the British Halifax naval squadron hundred of miles out to see allowing maerican merchantmen to rach their ports safely August 19, 1812 – Capt Isaac Hull’s 44-gun frigate Constitution over 38-gun
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Unformatted text preview: Guerriere off Nova Scotia “Victory in this second war of independence could never come from America’s miniscule navy; it would have to come from its land forces aided by inland naval units able to predominate in certain key situations”-land warfare - .69calbier flintlock muskets and .59 caliber flintlock pistlots land war – Americans launched 3 attackso n canada all failed William Hull...
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