Saratoga-Gettysburg - Compare and Contrast Saratoga to...

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Compare and Contrast Saratoga to Gettysburg. Saratoga and Gettysburg were both huge turning points in each war. Saratoga: Avoid major skirmishes. (Federalists) Burgoyne: commander of british army, coming from Canada, moving slow. Ledger was coming from the West, and William Howe went to philly instead of Saratoga from NY. Leger got turned away at the siege of fort Stanwicks. and Howe took a lot of losses at Bunker Hill. British troups were slowed down at lake Champlain by Arnold and although Arnold lost the battle, british were severely slowed down. - first naval battle of rev. war – Arnold lost but slowed Burgoyne – North Leger - West Howe- south Supposed to come together -goes to philly instead of Saratoga - Came from the west – didn’t push through, supposed to help All 1777 Sept 19, 1777 beat Horatio Gates at Freeman’s farm. Colonel Daniel Morgan’s scout team took out a whole bunch of officers (British). Eventually Union had to retreat. Gates catches deserters – intelligence – intercepts burgoynes plea for help Oct. 7. At battle of Bemis Height, Burgoyne had taken too many casualties and had to retreat. Due to so many at Freemans farm – British attacked, and retreated – knew no reinforcements were coming? Oct. 17 th had to surrender at Saratoga to large American army. – union has way more people – surrounds them huge – because French get into the war Big picture: Burgoyne’s surrender brought France into the war as American ally. See if colonies could hold their own
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Saratoga-Gettysburg - Compare and Contrast Saratoga to...

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