three causes of war

three causes of war - C ristina Ponte American Mili tary H...

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Cristina Ponte American Military History Three Main Categories of War There are three main categories for which any war has throughout the ages has been fought. These include for expansion of empire, for beliefs, or war due to political oppression of the classes. Defense is often thought to be a reason for war. On the contrary though I believe this is not a cause for war, rather something that prevents total domination. Defense is merely those being attacked trying to save themselves. Defense cannot be classified as a reason for war because if there were countries only defending themselves without countries invading there would be no war. All wars, except for maybe a rare exception, have been fought and will continue to be fought for territory, religion, or because they have been oppressed. Territory, or more simply stated as greed, is possible one of the greatest causes of war in all of history. Some argue that religion is because of more recent fighting seen by our generation. But when it is recognized that the last 2,000 years make up only a small portion of the worlds history, it can
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three causes of war - C ristina Ponte American Mili tary H...

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