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I attest that this is my own work, except for the material that I have clearly indicated is from another source. Signed: Cristina Ponte Philosophy 001 9/10/10 “The Analects” Assignment Book 4 Chapter 10. Righteousness is the rule of the Chün-tsze's practice. The Master said, "The superior man, in the world, does not set his mind either for anything, or against anything; what is right he will follow." What is meant by this passage is that the right way to go out into the world is to go with an open, unprejudiced heart and mind. That the “superior man”, where superior means better and is definitely something you want to emulate, does not set up what he expects to find or believe. He merely faces all decisions with out any premade decisions as to how to answer or what to believe. The decision is made off of what he knows and believes to be right in the moment when he is challenged with conflict or making any decision at all. This analects was the most significant of all of them to me.
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