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Voices of Wisdom Notes

Voices of Wisdom Notes - formulate understand and answer...

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Philosophy 001 Voices of Wisdom Chapter 1 What is Philosophy? - Aristotle- “rational animals” – arises from human ability to reflect on experience, to wonder and be curious about what happens to us an others - Philos- loving Sophia - wisdom - Sophists- group of thinkers in Athens taught to those who couldn’t afford, wisdom = possession of virtue = excellence - Socrates- questioned sophist, oracle of Delphi “wisest man” – knowledge is awareness of our ignorance - Authors definition: philosophy is the rational attempt to
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Unformatted text preview: formulate, understand and answer fundamental questions-Branches of western philosophy: o Metaphysics- distinguishing appearance from reality, theory of reality o Epistemology- issues of knowedge and truth o Axiology- study of value and distinction between value and fact broken into aesthetccs- beauty a mater of taste or objective and ethics- what values and principles used to judge humgan action as morally right or wrong-...
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