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I attest that this is my own work, except for the material that I have clearly indicated is from another source. Signed: Cristina Ponte Intro to Philosophy Writing Assignment 2 9/3/10 Interpretation of an Excerpt from “On the Value of Philosophy” by Bertrand Russell In the quotations provided, Russell is summing up the main point his is making on the importance of philosophy. Philosophy gains value in a different manner than other subjects gain value. Where as sciences gain value in answers, philosophy gains value in questions. Though it is an odd thought that questions provide value, it is the way of thinking that questioning leads one to that holds the value. The value in philosophical thought comes from what other thoughts lack, the questioning of the common. It opens the gates to a world beyond that cannot be seen by those who are blinded by their
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Unformatted text preview: ignorance of what they assume is knowledge. This is where philosophy holds the most value, simply in planting the idea that what is thought of as typical, ordinary, or commonplace when thought of in a philosophical light is not at all. The example used in class was one of time. One who does not allow themself to think philosophically does not contemplate the complexity of what time really is, rather accepts it as a measure of their day as they were told it was. This type of thought holds value unforeseeable to those who are not aware it exists, but when discovered, it deepens the knowledge one has ten fold and takes it to dimensions that it was not able to achieve before here in “rendering the mind great”....
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