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chapters outlines - Chapter 1 Introduction What Is Law Law...

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Chapter 1: Introduction What Is Law? Law as Power Natural Law Historical Jurisprudence Utilitarian Law Analytical Positivism Sociological Jurisprudence, Legal Realism, and Legal Sociology Sociological Jurisprudence Legal Realists Legal Sociologists Objectives of Law Continuity and Stability Adaptability Justice, Speed, and Economy Determining Desirable Public Policy Origin of Law in the United States The Origins of English Common Law The Norman Invasion The Development of the Common Law The Origin of the English Equitable Court A Procedural Primer Reading Cases Case Analysis Sample Brief Facts Issues Presented or Questions of Law Holding Rationale Due Process The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments The Meaning of Substantive Due Process The Scope of Substantive Due Process Vagueness and Overbreadth Procedural Due Process Criminal and Civil Law Equal Protection of the Law Tort and Contract Law Torts Contracts Chapter Summary
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Chapter 2: Ethics and Law Gregg v. Georgia Opinion of Justices Stewart, Powell, and Stevens Mr. Justice Brennan, dissenting Mr. Justice Marshall, dissenting Case Questions Ethics Karen, Keisha, and Kelly Law and Morality Letter from Birmingham Jail Positive Law Rules Aiding and Abetting, Misprision, Informing, and the Family New Mexico Statutes Annotated 30-22-4. Harboring or Aiding a Felon. State v. Mobbley Wood, Judge Lopez, Judge (dissenting) Case Questions Holland v. State of Florida McNulty, Chief Judge Case Questions Good Samaritan Laws Massachusetts General Law Chapter 268, Section 40. Reports of Crimes to Law Enforcement Officials Individual Choice Versus Social Control: Where Is the Line? John Geddes Lawrence v. Texas Case Questions Business Ethics Greg Johnson v. Ford Motor Company Case Questions Professional Ethics Ethics and Professional Responsibility Codes for Lawyers The Florida Bar v. John Robert Pape Case Questions Ethics and Professional Responsibility Codes for Paralegals Chapter Summary Chapter Questions Notes
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chapters outlines - Chapter 1 Introduction What Is Law Law...

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