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law final - Chapter 8 Criminal Law and Procedure Chapter...

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Chapter 8: Criminal Law and Procedure Chapter VIII outlines the fundamental principles of criminal law and criminal procedure in the United States. The chapter explores the elements necessary to constitute a crime, as well as the classification of crimes, defenses, and current approaches to criminal law. The criminal procedure section focuses on the constitutional guarantees that apply before trial, during trial, and at sentencing. Besides protecting an individual's rights throughout the criminal process, our legal system aims to preserve the integrity of the community. Chapter 9: Family Law Chapter IX provides an overview of family law. It addresses traditional topics such as how families are created, the rights and responsibilities of family members, and how family relationships are terminated. It also focuses on topical disputes about the essential composition of the family and the extent to which race, religion, and sexual preference should be relevant factors in adoption decisions. Chapter 10: Contracts
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