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Actuarial Models, Financial Economics Segment—Spring 2011 The Financial Economics Segment is a three hour multiple-choice examination and is referred to as Exam MFE by the SOA and Exam 3F by the CAS. The examination is jointly sponsored and administered by the SOA, CAS and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA). The examination is also jointly sponsored by the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA) and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries (CCA). The purpose of each segment’s syllabus is to develop the candidate’s knowledge of the theoretical basis of certain actuarial models and the application of those models to insurance and other financial risks. A thorough knowledge of calculus, probability, and interest theory is assumed. Knowledge of risk management at the level of Exam P/1 is also assumed. In addition, for Exam MFE/3F, candidates are assumed to be familiar with the earlier chapters of the McDonald textbook, which are in the syllabus of Exam FM/2. Formulas and tables are provided below for the candidate and will be provided to the candidate at the examination. These include a table of values from the standard normal distribution and the density and distribution functions for the standard normal and lognormal random variables. Since the tables will be provided to the candidate at the examination, candidates will not be allowed to bring copies of the tables into the examination room. Note: It is anticipated that candidates will have done the relevant exercises in the textbooks.
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2011-spring-exam-mfe - Actuarial Models, Financial...

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