lecture16 - 338 Law 1a “fdeucfiox/x +0 53mm “50/” MM...

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Unformatted text preview: 338 Law 1a “fdeucfiox/x +0 53mm “50/” MM §o farms hcwe been soloing sir) L2 alffiflevemw‘al equcdn‘om/ ..e_ wt mm a sing/e eqam‘iom yelafing some unknown fimcfion and “[3 dew‘vafim, 6-9. W = awn, % w- + annmn Mm 9“ Someimtewa) (a, {3) Ath‘omVu/I'H be a col/ech‘om whcmmmfi'fwkd ink? (a2), ma at” funcfions 36.0%.“ ,zn(+) which) W a” fl-éyuqfiom jig/l3 on Sgslemro’fi DE; amevevy veadfllj in pbydlls/ {ya/example, wecan cljmrm‘cs PWHQVHS [mmm fi/Le spying—man C’fi 5/4/H Exam/We W DE ‘jéf a dampr fined spy/“ny~ma.rs 5‘9ko W @ I,” + chc/ + wozx c m) N) Suppore Wei/liq? a folufi‘om :47”) and fe/L VH) 51TH. 714m v' 6+) ——- WM :: - 206/“), outflow FOL) = ' , —w§x(+)~ 204+) 4— FDA We can Wink afl mluinj (>14) ax) finding M fimcfi‘am INA/(1L) m h‘afil‘ncb W W x” = \/ VI = ~w02x ’~ 2cv 1L FOL) This is mammal/1H0 suit/ma CV7) lat/1+ OHM muon fi‘wforzéer DEL I3‘We MAR 31, :36) 722V and awn/1W no forcka (szo) x\/:Q‘xl+ [‘Xl I2/ 2 “WOZDC, " 20th Wen/50 whom“ dam 7V“): adualbg help.? We wilthmL linear atgebm can be owed OWL a Jgdem is m fim‘s fawn) anA‘H/nr aim (AA mam” powerwa inc/xi JD] 3w Forexampa, if we mhootuatW / ._ 1‘ XI” (1! "‘1'" 7(2. "‘ 12/ wlumn mfvr Then my 5gsfiem i; 26/: A ~../ 3Q Wm fl=(‘92’ -wp 'lc) W ChafiU/J a]? A I‘S >\z+ 2C) 'H/Uvz/ WM 105/] examining (#1) Ne Jed/Inf! is mozch Wchav‘ecr’v 2]? 'th rewnd-Ordw DE. 7% V0079 cure CaIWefgjemvaIt/m 01? x4) mama/ill I66 ham/3L0 explon‘ 0‘33an fa 50mg “Mar m3;ng (xi/77% MOVE {746m 754/0 66/0161717‘6/7: {and moot/8k 0dr ear/IerJo/uh‘pn: 07? (at) Mmfi Mew yanwa/ S /4/// ...
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This note was uploaded on 09/20/2011 for the course MATH 33B 262223202 taught by Professor Dai during the Spring '09 term at UCLA.

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lecture16 - 338 Law 1a “fdeucfiox/x +0 53mm “50/” MM...

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