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First, the alphabetic index is used to in the code-finding process. This index has an index of all diseases that are classified within the Tabular list. The main terms can be supported by supplementary terms or followed by related subterms. Organization of the codes is done by body system or etiology, and the codes are listed in numerical order within the Tabular List. A three- digit grouping of one disease or a related condition makes up the code category. Four digits that
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Unformatted text preview: show the site, manifestation, or etiology of the disease are the subcategories. Additional clinical detail is given in fifth digit classifications. Numerous problems can arise if procedures for proper coding are not used. For example, should a patient have shoulder surgery and an incorrect code is entered, that patient’s insurance might be billed for knee surgery instead. This can result in delays in payment or refusal to pay altogether....
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