MGT DQ1 WK2 - organizing them can be time consuming,...

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In every area of our everyday lives, be it personal or professional, we need to make decisions. In the event important decisions are made on a whim without involving a thoughtful process, there are high chances of it turning out to be a failure. It is very important to consider your options carefully and thoroughly before making any vital decisions. The eight steps in the decision-making process include: o Step 1: Be alert to indicators and symptoms of problems. o Step 2: Tentatively define the problem. o Step 3: Collect facts and redefine the problem if necessary. o Step 4: Identify possible alternatives. o Step 5: Gather and organize facts. o Step 6: Evaluate possible alternatives. o Step 7: Choose and implement the best alternative. o Step 8: Follow up (p. 33). Of the eight steps in the decision-making model if a decision had to be made quickly I would eliminate step 5. I say this because going through the process of gather facts and
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Unformatted text preview: organizing them can be time consuming, therefore making it difficult to make a quick decision. In my opinion, this model is appropriate for both individual and group decision making. I believe this because if the individual knows the indicators, therefore he or she would be able to give the descriptions to the group, so that a decision could be made. I believe the three areas that are most prevalent are: using e-mail to harass co-workers, concealing mistakes, and pilfering company materials and supplies. Although the use of a computer and the internet is widespread technology now days, many people do not know all the technical things that can be done with them. Many people may believe that once an email is deleted from the system, it can never be recovered. This notion makes it very easy for one co-worker to harass another. They do not fear being caught, because the email will no longer exist....
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MGT DQ1 WK2 - organizing them can be time consuming,...

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