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Week 4 MGT210 CP - slow and some group members including...

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Week 4: CheckPoint: Work Team Concepts My experience with the group during last week’s discussion was for the most part pleasant. I enjoyed reading the different opinions and out looks each group member posted. Out of the concepts (group norms, group cohesiveness, group pressure, group conformity, groupthink, group influence, group leadership, group self-direction, group communication) explained by Rue and Byars (2004) in Ch. 8 in Supervision: Key Link to Productivity (8th ed.) I felt groupthink fit our group. Although we started off
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Unformatted text preview: slow and some group members, including myself, were not able to participate fully, each member of the group clearly stated their opinion without following the rest of the classmates. They also did not worry about breaking the norms and seemed to be open to the other responses members. Everyone in the group respected each other‘s opinions and politely gave their feedback. However, I think if more of us, including myself, would have participated more we could have had a better outlook and understanding of team work....
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