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Brandy Barnett_Wk2_CP - place to work. Some of the...

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1 Check Point: Incident 2-2 Brandy Barnett MGT/210 August 26, 2011 Brian Atkinson
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2 CheckPoint: Incident 2-2 I believe Mack’s decision to have the employees come up with a possible solution to the problem is a great idea. If the employees are able to come up with a solution they will be happier with the results than they would be if they were just given a decision made by management. This will not only help moral stay higher, it will help productivity stay where it needs to be, even with the cutbacks. However, I think Mack should have held a department meeting to let everyone know face-to-face of the problems they will be facing before going to Ralph to discuss having him get employee input. The employees may decide to cut back on hours to help reduce labor costs. Some employees may decide to transfer to another manufacturing plant or look for a new
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Unformatted text preview: place to work. Some of the employees who have been there a long time may decide to retire as a way to help the company out. Once the employees have submitted their suggestions to Mack, he should look over the suggestions, ask questions if something is not clear, and give his decision as to using the suggestions in a timely manner. If Mack does not find any of the suggestions to be feasible, he should go back to the employees and ask them to reevaluate the problem to see if they can come up with other ideas. This time he should give them some general guidelines to go by that are more in line with what Mack is thinking a good solution would be. Ultimately Mack has to make the decision on how the cutbacks will occur since will be the only one held accountable for the decision made....
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Brandy Barnett_Wk2_CP - place to work. Some of the...

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