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Capture9 - It is often necessary to do calculations using...

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Unformatted text preview: It is often necessary to do calculations using scientific notation when working chemistry problems. For practice, perform each ofthe following calculations. 8.91E+5 + 4.87E4 = 8910000005 8.91E+5 « 2.16E—Hl + 8.91E+5 21156653992 "fix 7.8954 4.19E+l5 —= 955622458 gab-5+3 \/ (8.91E+5}(4.87E4} Feedback: Although you will use a calculator to do this type ofcalculation, you should use the rules for exponents to do an order of magnitude calculation in your head. This could save you some frustration if you make a mistake keying in a number. There are many types ofcalculators in use and you will have to learn how to use the one that you have at your disposal. See the information page for doing a sample calculation with exponential notation on several calculator types. ...
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